Getting the Most Out of Lessons: Children

Children have an easier time picking up new skills than adults. As a result, children will learn to ski with the most ease and efficiency, making children’s ski lessons one of the most rewarding investments in the ski world. Before signing your kid up for lessons, it is important to understand the variables at play; […]

Getting the Most Out of Lessons: Adults

Learning to ski and snowboard is possible at any age, and the growth in adult-geared beginner classes illustrates the renewed interest in outdoor winter recreation. However, there are a few disadvantages to picking up the skill as an adult; you may lose your patience more easily, you are more aware of the dangers, and you […]

What to Expect from Your First Lesson

To inexperienced or new skiers, lessons can be an intimidating enterprise. Whether you ski in a group or sign up for a one-on-one private lesson, attention will be directed to your experience, form, and technique. To assuage your nerves, we have detailed exactly what you should expect from your first lesson. Though sessions may vary […]

Preparing for Your Ski Lesson

Successful ski lessons are a result of a positive attitude and a willingness to lean. In addition to your mindset, there are several physical items you should check off your to-do list. No matter your skill or experience level, you should arrive at your ski lesson having prepared for the day ahead. Here’s how to […]

Bundling to Save Money

When planning a ski trip, families and individuals don’t often incorporate ski lessons into the budget. Unless a member of your group is a first-timer, you might not consider taking a lesson until day three of your trip—when you’ve bombed down every trail and know the mountain inside and out. Though you may not have […]

Online Resource for Finding Independent Instructors

Some ski students prefer to utilize independent or freelance ski instructors. These teachers are not affiliated with a resort; they are often more flexible, more practiced, and slightly more expensive. Experienced ski instructors will opt to teach independently to set their own rates, determine their own schedules, and travel to different mountains, states, or countries. […]

Ski School vs. Private Lessons

Regardless of age or ability, the decision to take a ski lesson results in an important question: should you opt for a group lesson, or pay for a private session? To address this query, we have broken down results into three skill categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.   Beginner: Skiers and riders who identify as […]

How Are Ski Instructors Trained?

It’s no secret—ski and snowboard lessons can be pricey, especially if you choose a private, one-on-one session. However, these talented professionals require skill, practice, and a host of certifications to teach. If you think lessons with a trained instructor are more or less the same as getting instruction from your lifelong skier husband, think again. […]

Are Ski Lessons Worth It?

Ski lessons—both group and private—are an expensive addition to your trip or season. Unfortunately, for beginners, the only way to avoid these fees is to brave the mountain on your own—potentially with the guidance of a friend or family member. Though this may seem like a sufficient solution to an expensive question, it is often […]