We’re constantly on the lookout for better information, helpful resources, industry trends, individual stories, and personalized tips. If it has to do with skiing and how to learn/teach skiing, we want to hear about it. We’re a group of current and former ski instructors, experts, and enthusiasts who want to further the art—as well as the economics—of learning how to ski.


We’re mostly a resource for people who are interested in learning how to ski and why they should strongly consider the benefits of ski lessons and private lessons in particular. With the modern age and the ubiquitous nature of YouTube and other online tutorials, there seems to be, maybe not a backlash, but a low tide for private ski instructors. The other side of it is that private lessons especially can be a little on the pricey side. We’re trying to help with that, and lessons may not be as super-expensive as you fear, but there’s also only so much that can be done about supply-and-demand and the simple numbers behind group and private ski lessons can’t be changed as if by magic. Still, lessons do not need to be ongoing to be effective. Even a single lesson here or there can make a big difference.


Putting aside its financial accessibility for a moment, it’s the human element that’s so important. The ability to immediately recognize and respond to your individual form and style is often only possible with a private setting or over an entire course of small group lessons. Even if computer imaging and analysis gets to the point where video software can describe our flaws and recommend training regimens, there’s still going to be something to be said for the inspiration that comes with the human touch.


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