What equipment do you need to go scuba diving?

Everyone creates a bucket list at some point in their life, and a common experience added to that list is scuba diving. However, if you have never gone before, you may not know what to bring; and if you are an expert, changing technology can make things easier. No matter the skill level, there are […]

What are the skills you need to go scuba diving?

Many enjoy exploring the amazing world that exists beneath the ocean’s surface. But, there are a number of skills that diver must learn at the onset, which are used throughout one’s diving career.   Buoyancy  Mastering buoyancy is a vital skill that all divers must learn. The skill requires that divers remain calm, focused and steady. The factors involved in […]

How long does it take to get certified to go diving?

Scuba diving is a type of underwater diving in which a diver uses a breathing apparatus, or scuba, which is independent of the surface oxygen supply. Scuba divers will usually contain their own source of oxygen, usually in the form of compressed air. Scuba diving can be done recreationally or professionally, and it is possible […]

How do you become a scuba diving instructor?

A diving instructor is a person that helps teach and train new underwater divers. They are required to have at minimum the same level diving certifications of their trainees and could see some additional requirements as well. To become a scuba diving instructor, you have a few things you’ll want to prepare for, so let’s […]