What to Expect from Ski Instructor Training

Every program is a little different, so don’t take this as the law, but we thought we’d discuss some general expectations and what we’ve experienced taking a fairly in-depth training course. Ski instructor training is generally conducted by the highest qualified skiing professionals. As well as individual crash courses that occur over a few days, some programs offer year-round programs for higher level certifications and additional experience. At some programs, multiple days may be set aside as an introduction to various disciplines: Nordic, Snowboard, Telemark, Snowshoe, Ski Touring, Avalanche Training, and Mountain Safety Skills. These will be delivered by specialists in these disciplines.

As competent parallel piste skiers (required entry level for the course) you will be given the opportunity by the training team to develop into dynamic all mountain performers. The skills acquired during the training will not only develop your own personal skiing performance but also provide you with the essential knowledge of how to impart understanding and skills to others in our sport and how to play safely in all areas of the mountains.

In the GSD Diving course you do not need any experience in scuba diving, just a love for the water and confidence in your swimming. We will take care of the rest and train you up to the first professional level where you can work and live the life of your dreams YEAR ROUND! The Diving course is held in one the best locations in the world, Caribbean waters are some of the most crystal clear and warmest of anywhere worldwide. Not to mention the rich marine life you will experience 1st * For those on the full year program – During the interim period between ski and dive courses students will return home for a well earned rest. hand. This is one of the BEST places there could be to take your dive training.

This is the grass roots level of ski instructing, the starting block from which to develop and shape your career. These days will continually train and assess your competency of specific technical ability and knowledge and understanding of the teaching progression. The training may consist of on-hill work and class lectures. You’ll have a great time learning how to put together a lesson for a beginner skier.

During these two weeks you will be given the opportunity in resort to learn from other highly qualified and experienced instructors directly in the workplace. You will be observing lessons of various learner abilities. Being able to dedicate time to developing your own performance is when all the nuts & bolts of come together, then taking these acquired skills onto challenging & exciting terrain is fantastic!”

Off piste mountain safety skills are about learning the Hazards and signs in the mountains which help us to “play safe”. This day will be lead by a fully qualified Mountain Guide. You will learn about Avalanche danger, reading the forecast & how the weather changes snow conditions, the use of transceivers and equipment that is carried when travelling off piste. Learning to read and respect the mountains and how capable they are in affecting the day and what we can do to be safe and enjoy being in them is a real awakening!

About the author: Corey Russell