Ask Yourself These Questions Before Choosing a Children‘s Ski School

Putting children in ski school can be a mutually-beneficial experience. Your kids will have hands-on training with a trained, patient professional, while you’ll have the freedom to explore more rigorous mountain terrain. Though you might want to take part in your child’s ski education, it is important to remember a few things: a teacher will have more patience; your kids will likely pay more attention to what a stranger says than what you say; and they’ll learn correct techniques from the start.

While making the decision to put your kids in ski school might be easy, choosing the perfect school is difficult. Children of all ages have different educational and maturity requirements, and it is essential to find a lesson that fits their development stage. To better understand what you should look for in a program, ask the following questions.


  1. Is your child comfortable being with new adults? If your kid doesn’t like interacting with strange adults, you may want to choose a school with a pre-lesson meet-and-greet. Additionally, a group lesson may be more constructive, as it will allow your child to interact with peers.
  2. Is your child potty trained? If not, you’ll want to look for a ski school/daycare program.
  3. What type of learning style does your kid benefit from most? If your child needs close, supervised, one-on-one attention, a private lesson will be more beneficial than ski school. If your kid prefers to test the waters with minimal guidance, a group lesson and school is best.
  4. How long can you be apart before somebody starts to worry? Some children become scared or anxious when separated from parents for too long. If your child experiences this, opt for a shorter ski school (just an hour or two rather than a full day), or seek out schools that allow parents to ski alongside the group.



About the author: Corey Russell