Online Resource for Finding Independent Instructors

Some ski students prefer to utilize independent or freelance ski instructors. These teachers are not affiliated with a resort; they are often more flexible, more practiced, and slightly more expensive. Experienced ski instructors will opt to teach independently to set their own rates, determine their own schedules, and travel to different mountains, states, or countries.


Though several independent ski instructors host and manage independent websites, finding them can be a difficult task. Luckily, a resource exists to match you more easily with an ideal teacher. CoachUp is an online resource for finding instructors in any sport—from skiing and snowboarding to soccer and lacrosse. Their coaches have extensive training experience and required to pass rigorous background checks during their application process.


This resource provides a simple, safe, and affordable way to connect with independent ski instructors in the Colorado area. The database will match your goals, ability, location, and age with a professional coach in the area. You will receive your top three matches, but can gain access to the complete list of coaches who match your profile.


Before signing up, think about your training goals: do you want to learn to ski faster, perfect your form, or practice your “hockey stop?” Thinking through your goals is essential preparation for private instruction regardless of where you find your instructor (i.e. independently and online or through a ski resort). These lessons are often significantly more expensive than group sessions, so it is imperative for students to utilize every minute of their one-on-one session.


About the author: Corey Russell